So, Why Jottrip - "Don't just visit a place - experience it!"


Jot (create) a favorite place that you plan to visit or pleasantly experienced anywhere around the world. Currently, our team jotted nearly twenty-three thousand curated places for your experience in Vietnam. You can save great places in the app for your travel.


Need a place to stay – book hotel from our great hotel selection with discounted rates. Other services will be available in the near future for booking as well.


Share your memorial places with your family and friends. Let them make lasting memories from your great travel experience.

Jottrip Main Features



Browse curated and recommended travel places around the world. Start with browsing nearly twenty-three thousand places throughout Vietnam.


Create your own travel lists. For example, you can create Hoi An, Vietnam list and save all places you like to experience in Hoi An on your next visit. Once arrived, simply pull it up and enjoy!


Just had a pleasant experience at a new place - jot it down! Share your jot with your family and friends, so they can experience it too.


Book your stay with great selection and saving from our extensively selected hotel and homestay.

Intuitive Design

Combining the power of a travel companion and hotel booking into a very intuitive design, Jottrip app’s layout and button are specifically tailored for your travel.

Fast Growing

With nearly twenty-three thousand curated destinations and hundreds of carefully selected hotel and homestay for you to choose from when visiting Vietnam, the list continues to grow every day. You can create and share many more favorite travel places around the world, so your family and friends can experience as well.

A Travel Companion

You can now carry a smart travel companion with you on your travel. It goes with you wherever your journey takes you. Available for download in Apple Store and Google Play.

Everything you need

Its design and function transform the traditional travel book and pen into an app. Furthermore, you can book your stay and check in when arrived. Jottrip app is simply the smartest travel companion.

Travel List

Create different travel lists for your adventures. For instance, you can create a list with all favorite places in a city. Or, you can also create a list of all the places you want to experience in a special festival.

Book and Save

Booking your stay is never easier with our extensively selected hotel and homestay. Checking in is also very simple. And, save big with our special discounts.

Jottrip Team is passionate about helping travelers in making lasting memories.

"While visiting Vungtau, VN my boys disliked the food. The online searches failed, and we resorted to my parents' handwritten local recommendations. Our boys loved the restaurants so much. This is how Jottrip app was born!" HANG
"I grew up in Vietnam and re-visited the country many times, but I had to use my parents' handwritten note for the restaurants for my kids to eat. Jottrip app was built on this experience, and I believe that it will help many other travelers as well." PHUONG
"Our team spends many sleepless nights making sure the app is running smoothly. Believing that it creates great travel experience makes it all worth it!" LONG
"With over ten years of hotel and hospitality management, my Korean customers and friends have been using and booking hotels through the app - they love the convenience and experience!" TUAN
"It feels great knowing that we are building a smartest travel app for the users to experience and create lasting memories - something money alone cannot buy!" TRAM
"I was born and grew up in Vietnam, but I never knew how beautiful the country is until exploring different places throughout Vietnam every day. I can't wait to explore other countries through Jottrip app!" LY
"Simply put - if you do not taste enough coffee and eat enough delicious food and fruit in Vietnam, you are not experiencing your trip - you simply visit and miss out a lot! When you are ready, let me help you experience the best of Vietnam!" HA
"I have been helping travelers finding a great place to stay. I love that this app makes it easier for me to guide traveler looking and booking for their next travel" THUONG
"I love receiving positive feedback from the hotel and homestay we are bringing onto this app. They are not seeing this as another OTA, but rather a wonderful companion! They love the values it brings to users!" HUONG
"Even though I am mostly supporting behind the scene, I love doing what I do knowing how much experience it brings to travelers!" NGAN
"We strongly believe in building great apps for the users. With so many apps existed and a lot more coming daily, we love that this app is simply not another booking app. It is providing way much better way to experience life." CUONG
"Every day we are helping hotel and homestay to be added to the app. It's a lot of work, but the excitement never dies!" VAN
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The smartest way to experience travel with personalized curation and recommendation

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Frequently Questions

Jottrip app is 100% free – available in Apple and Google store. You can use the app to jot, save, and share any favorite places around the world. However, our team has curated nearly twenty thousand places in Vietnam. We also have hundreds of hotel with great discounts for your stay during your next Vietnam travel. Curated places and hotels continue to be expanded by our team and app users. Our goal is to expand into other countries in the near future.

Yes, Jottrip app is the smartest way to experience travel with personalized curation and recommendation. You can use it to jot, save, and share places anywhere you experience your travel. However, our team has extensively jotted down places and hotels in Vietnam. We hope to expand to other countries in the near future.

Jottrip app is a smart travel companion. While other websites provide useful information for your travel, Jottrip app really puts the emphasis on personalized curation and recommendation. It is the smartest way to experience a place, and not just visiting it.

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